Proof of Concept 2D + 3D animated graphics for UX | UI + Visual Effects Prototypes.

I collaborated with two 2D artists who provided the environment and UI assets for animation. I designed the layout, animated the elements in After Effects and created the 3D assets in 3DS MAX.

UX UI Concept Development | Story boards | 3DS MAX | After Effects CC | 2D 3D Animation + Visual Effects Development.

Created to guide programmers and artists developing the engine and in-game assets.

Please click the PDF icon above to see a sample of a storyboard created for D I G : First Time User Experience.

Animated UI Layouts

Transition: Landing Page to In-Game UI

Transition: Main World to Level UI

Transition: Archive Screen Scan

Transition: Last Bone to Creature Card

In-Game Visual Effects Prototyping using After Effects | 3Ds Max | Particle Designer

VFX: Relic Reveal Bling

Bada Bling Bada Boom

VFX: Simple Bling

One Bling…one bling only, Vassily

VFX: Damage States

Green is Good!

VFX: Radar Scan

Use your X-Ray vision to find the CRYPTOARCHEOLOGICAL relics. (Say that 5 times…)

VFX: Instant Use Timer

The whole Pig – Totus Porcus

VFX: Full Screen Effects

Mmm, the smell of heat distortion in the morning!